Saturday, December 30, 2006

This garden is growing...slowly

Haven't been posting as much as I want to -- spent a lot of time this year thinking about Organic, though, and how it really seems like the M-Theory of programming to me. It's such a cool concept, and it just amazes me that everyone I talk to seems to be SO close to making the jump, yet there's always something that people just can't seem to grasp. If I could just figure out the missing link, I could explain it all so easily. I guess it will come out as I post more of my thoughts.

Speaking of thoughts, here's a good one: What gets me about Organic is that it's based so much on actual organizational structure, which is why the term "software modeling" makes so much sense in this regard. I think about concepts like SOA, BPM, and structural cybernetics (see NDMA, Inc. for more info on that), and how Organic ties these ideas and more together in a meaningful amalgamation of thoughts, rules, and information.

It amazes me...

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